Normalizing Conversations About Mental Well-Being in real estate. is the brainchild of real estate agent Kartikay Shastri, created as a way to give back. Mind-Ful.Me is a holistic approach aimed at enabling agents to become stress-free, more mindful, and achieve total well-being, thereby concluding more sales and creating a more congenial real estate environment.

At, Kartikay focuses on the most vital elements of an agent's life, such as:

- Agent mental well-being

- Agents' psychological relationship with money and wealth

- Agents' relationships, both at the workplace and at home.

By combining these aspects, he has curated a tailored workshop that will help agents feel more grounded and empowered from within.

This free 30-minute call is for all agents and people in real estate in the U.A.E. During this call, you will have the opportunity to open up about your challenges and common stressors, totally non-judgemental. Together, we will find mindful solutions to help you achieve your desired outcomes.

Kartikay Shastri is an author and an experienced agent with 6 years of expertise in the Dubai Real Estate market. As an author, he is sensitive to topics that affect the human mind. Therefore, when he saw his fellow colleagues and other brokers struggling to maintain their well-being and strive for mental peace, his passion to help cope with stress, as he has done with his friends, found direction. Recognizing a need for this, he decided to run workshops using the techniques he has firsthand experimented with, studied extensively, and incorporated into his own life, which has made him fairly content on his journey.

Thus, with his new venture, he now seeks to educate, inform, and share the resources and knowledge he has gained with others to help make every individual, on both corporate and private levels, mindful and strive to balance their lifestyle with work and on a personal level.

About Kartikay

My mission

My mission is to transform the real estate corporate landscape by integrating essential mental health tools for agents and organizations. I aim to reshape real estate sales culture, fostering a mindset that prioritizes agent well-being. By encouraging mindfulness as a necessity, I strive to create healthier, more productive work environments where everyone can thrive.

My vision

My vision is a transformed real estate indsutry where stress is minimized, and agents feel grounded and centered. By implementing mindfulness techniques, the real estate environment will evolve into a more harmonious and enjoyable space. Agents will effortlessly achieve higher productivity and greater awareness, finding a balance between their personal and professional lives like never before.

Three pillars of real estate agent's life

Agent's mental well-being

Dubai real estate agents face high stress due to the fast-paced market and demanding clients. It's important for agents to prioritize their mental wellbeing. Practicing mindfulness, managing stress, and maintaining a healthy work-life balance can help. By focusing on mental health, agents can improve their performance, build better relationships, and enjoy a more fulfilling career.

Agent's financial wellness

As agents, we need to pay attention to our psychological and financial wellness. Managing stress, setting realistic goals, and maintaining a positive mindset are crucial for mental health. Financially, it's important to plan wisely, save regularly, and invest smartly to ensure long-term stability. Balancing mental and financial wellness helps agents thrive in their careers and achieve lasting success.

Agent's relationship well-being

In sales, having good relationships is very important. Building trust with clients, cooperating well with colleagues, and maintaining a healthy work-life balance are key. Positive relationships can reduce stress, create a supportive work environment, and lead to more successful deals. Focusing on relationship well-being helps agents stay motivated and achieve long-term success.

Let's normalize mental well-being of agents.